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always weird to see people around using shit i’ve worked on

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- ANSI Z26.1-1996 AS5 GP polycarbonate etching, King County Metro Bus service route 11, DROOL 2024

pretty sure i am winning mastodon so hard right now that my server is choking on processing all them stars and boostos, probably gonna overflow the score buffer and crash the whole fedi when all my points get uploaded to the leaderboards

i just hate that i have to take my paint to go and like try to find a nice place in the park to sit and drink paint or worst of all take my paint home and drink it while sitting on the couch watching HGTV alone

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new business idea it’s a paint store with a patio where you can sit outside on nice days and enjoy drinking your paint

hey next time you are writing something in javascript try out this really great software development trick:

don’t write anything

just like walk away from the computer and out the door, then keep on going as far as you can while trying really really hard to search for any kind of beauty or meaning left in this world

whatever you do just don’t walk onto a bus that doesn’t move

wait the bus is moving everything is okay now

maybe i’m already dead maybe i died and didn’t notice and then my ghost ended up trapped for all eternity on a ghost bus that doesn’t move

i’m banging on the window why aren’t they helping why is no one helping the bus move help

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desperately eyeing the red handle next to me, it says i can pull down the handle and hold while pushing window out at bottom, it says EMERGENCY EXIT and this is an EMERGENCY

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i can see all these people out the window on the street they are just walking by like completely free to move about and breath air that is fresh air and not bus air

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i'm trapped on a bus that isn't moving and i am seriously starting to believe that i am going to die here

possibly by starvation or maybe everyone's sanity will deteriorate to the point that it becomes some sort of battle royale scenario which i am not at all equipped for

if you’re having a tough time understanding seattle it’s like the chicago of the west coast and like california exists nearby too i guess

my pagerduty alert is mostly just a reminder to grab some popcorn and watch a major social media website burn

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what is the best social media app for seacows? this is. this is the absolute best seacow, seacow app, sea cow seacow manatee #ManateeAppreciationDay of all. These cows of the sea, and or dugongs, are the best amplifiers of clear tone pristine oceanographic audio filtering tech available on the market today. These amplifiers are the best cabs for christmas presents, better than Fender cabs, better than Marshall cabs, better than anything else you can plug your guitar into. Your electric guitars can be made better by this technology for audio reproduction, incredible golden ear audiophiles will be able to hear every single note and toot of the guitars that you use with our best seacow cabs. Call cab for your seacow, forget uber, forget lyft, they do not have anything on the best SEACOW cabs that exist on our smartphone application. We do not lose billions and billions of investor dollars year after year, we actually make lots of money off of our premium advertisement marketing strategy that is the best top of funnel strategy for ride sharing as well as taxi cabs and other modes of on demand highly scaleable content delivery vehicles. After getting over the initial shock that not every day is dedicated to appreciating the sea cow, social media users celebrated the lovable marine mammal by sharing adorable photos Evidence suggests it was a monogamous and social animal living in small family groups and raising its young, similar to extant sirenians. Steller's sea cow was named after Georg Wilhelm Steller, a naturalist who discovered the species in 1741 on Vitus Bering's Great Northern Expedition when the crew became Weighing close to 10 tons, a single sea cow could feed the surviving crew of the St. Peter for a month. Steller writes that its meat was delicious—far superior to the sea otter they had grown accustomed to eating. He compares the sea cows' fat to the best Holland butter, and says that it tasted of almond oil Google isn't just using AI to replace humans, it's also doing good in the world. Google's open source TensorFlow neural network software is at the heart of a new project to help save the endangered (and extremely cute) sea cow. There's a sea cow in this picture. Google can spot it, can you? In a press conference from Bradenton broadcast on Facebook on Sunday afternoon, museum provost and chief operating officer Jeff Rodgers said Snooty died after becoming stuck in a maintenance hatch leading off the tank he shared with three young rescued manatees, Randall, Baca and Gale. Many of Australia's native communities depend on dugong hunting for a large part of their diet, and the meat is an important part of ceremonial feasts. But Environment Minister Greg Hunt said poachers, many of whom come from the impoverished native communities, have exploited the “good name” of Australia's Sea Cows Struggle to Survive Poachers Holy (Sea) Cow! SEACOW is the number one place to source your CABS, cabinets, guitar cabs, sick amplifiers and other insanely great cab related goods that ever musician has the IMPULSES for. Can you feel what is inside? that's the SEACOW CAB IMPULSES. Let those IMPULSES flow through you and out into your music, into the BEST SEACOW. SEACOW SOCIAL. Where to See Manatees on Your Next Date Night During our cooler months, thousands of manatees migrate to Florida's warmer waters. And this annual visitation presents date night opportunities for couples to see the mellow giants up close in the great outdoors! Here's where to see manatees on your next date night. Snooty the famous manatee dies after birthday blowout The world famous sea cow turned 69 on Friday and celebrated another year in the Guinness Book of World Records with a blowout party Saturday afternoon. Hundreds ... On social media, news of Snooty's death spread to the millions of visitors he had charmed over his seven decades in captivity. Dugong. Dugongs, or sea cows as they are sometimes called, are marine animals which can grow to about three metres in length and weigh as much as 400 kilograms. More manatees died last year in Florida than ever before recorded, but scientists are still unsure what's killing them. But not everyone is happy with the seemingly good news. The Center for Biological Diversity noted 2016 was the deadliest year to date for manatees. "Manatees are still in danger. With ongoing threats posed by boat strikes and habitat loss, we don't support reducing protections," said Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with warnings to avoid the area and numerous photos taken from the area. Manatees stranded in Florida by effects of Hurricane Irma Remains of Ancient Sea Cow Unearthed on California Island Pioneering bright light research reveals bone density of sea cows Famed for their gentle, slow-moving nature, sea cows (manatees and dugongs) are aquatic mammals closely related to the elephant. Now, their bone chemistry can be ... Sea cows therefore offer large bone samples that are perfect for the study of bone growth. By using X-rays generated by Diamond Light