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ian @friskywhiskers@seacow.social

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the *cracks a croix* that rocked the fediverse... the *cracks another croix with no plans to finish it* that brought all of mastdon to its knees.. yes a true crackageddon

*chugs some pamplemoose*

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looking forward to the eventual deserved death of social media

i choose to use paper clips instead of staples because i am morally against violence and cruelty towards fiber based products

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m-m-multimasto user detected

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Me: "Paul, do we go east to the hundred stairs?"
Young boy passing by: "There are stairs everywhere."
Me: *very wise*

just stopped working for a while no b *INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY A FEW TIMES* IG deal really just focusing on soME THI*HYPERVENTILATION ENSUES*

oh god the credits are so long

Well I finally get the satisfaction of deleting destiny 2

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i am so excited to beat this garbage and free up space for the games that i had to uninstall just to install the updates

Then you gotta load for like three minutes which is great for having a beer you don't even gotta rush it because it's just gonna play more cutscenes that don't mean anything

There's a lot of talk about taking the light but ain't no one actually taking that shit

Like oh no my huge omniscient space cube is sick or something and the giant hamsters stole it

Man with destiny it's like they made all this space shit that's really impressive and gave no one the reason to care

meat crust vs. cream cheese egg parmesan crust thing