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ian @friskywhiskers@seacow.social

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the *cracks a croix* that rocked the fediverse... the *cracks another croix with no plans to finish it* that brought all of mastdon to its knees.. yes a true crackageddon

*chugs some pamplemoose*


a funny joke where the punch line is "fuck you"

@fredrik from that medium article about not using rebase Show more

@Gargron i spend a bit of brain power occasionally trying to figure out a distributed way of doing an "embedded toot" that won't cripple my garbage droplet with traffic let me know if you have any ideaz

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alexa look just play bill evans and keep it playing ok i honestly don't care about anything else just keep the bill evans coming

ok gonna watch some Gilmore ✌️

you can't stop me i own all these bitz and the toot bucket holding this picture you are going to need some international treaty shit to get at me for this

too hot to hoot

too easy to toot

im tooting my manatees right now

hold up i just saw a post about "furries in gundam"

mastodon over delivers

oh please god don't let it be flex cam this time

SERIOUS SPORTS TOOT: this pitcher is not great at throwing balls around

im not impressed. this is not impressive.