By using this social media website you are acknowledging that you are a sea cow, manatee, dugong, or other part of the Sirenia order of aquatic mammals, or are at very least some sort of sea creature, like a sea cucumber or a anemone or possibly a lobster. You acknowledge that you are not a jelly fish. Jelly fish are not allowed to use this website, absolutely under no circumstances does this terms and conditions allow jellyfish in. You agree that when you sign in that you will not bypass any highly sophisticated anti-jellyfish checkboxes that are in place to identify jellyfish. You will also not lie. There's no lying allowed on this social media website. You also agree that by using this web service that all of your personal data is stored somewhere on the internet and there's nothing you can do about it. We don't know where it is, it's in the cloud somewhere. You agree that if it starts raining that you may lose some of your personal data. It's also probably public. There is no guarantee of data privacy when it you have posted it because it is evaporated and absorbed into the atmosphere of the cloud.