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Me: "Paul, do we go east to the hundred stairs?"
Young boy passing by: "There are stairs everywhere."
Me: *very wise*

"As one might imagine, a million years goes by very quickly if nobody is around to observe it."

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just stopped working for a while no b *INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY A FEW TIMES* IG deal really just focusing on soME THI*HYPERVENTILATION ENSUES*

Today is serious business day. Time to put on my serious business pants and tie.

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const emojis=Object.entries(json.emoji); emojis.filter(emoji => (emoji.length > 1 && typeof emoji[1] === "string" && emoji[1].startsWith('http'))).map((emoji) => {
let targetPath = `download/${emoji[0]}.${emoji[1].split('/').pop().split('.').pop()}`;
console.log(`Downloading ${emoji[1]} to ${targetPath}...`);
request.get({url: emoji[1], encoding: null}).then(res => {fs.writeFileSync(targetPath, res);})
.catch(err => console.log(err))

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I have tried to be friends with max/msp, pd, chuck, supercollider, even csound etc over the years but sonic pi is the first livecoding/algorithmic music environment I've used that actually feels good to meā€”like I feel like I could quickly and intuitively get stuff done with it (learning about it right now in a session at itp camp

As far back as can be remembered, my family has maintained a strong tradition known as "Hate yourself. Get up at 5AM to get ready for the day. Drink too much coffee to compensate for your masochistic
morning ritual."

@friskywhiskers There seems to be some sort of etiquette concerning hiding images and stuff like that on here; is that something that happens automatically to posts, or do you need to use markup

@ian I'm using this Android Mastadon application to toot, but it's not all that great at pushing me notifications

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@shoelessone hey i was just telling leigh that i changed the toot button to post and i realized that even though i did that u still dont use it